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Suppression of free speech is never acceptable, no matter who is being censored or who is calling for it. In March I transitioned to my own domain, and the Wayback Machine contains other posts that appeared there.

Reporting On So-Called Climate Reporters: Update 4

That prominent science writers aided such suppression is even more problematic — and, in my opinion, even cowardly. It does not matter if Greenpeace itself, as that cult-like organization often does, paid for the writing of the paper.

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What will you say of the common practice whereby scientists review grants and also receive them from the same agencies not simultaneously of course? Shameful and more than a little sad, no? Which is to say, Soon in his career received money from sources other than our beneficent government.

Thousands of genetically engineered lab rodents drowned in basement labs at New York University. He argues that journalism needs more specialization. At The Atlantic, James Fallows has a chilling analysis of why Republican apparatchiks and right-leaning Web sites keep insisting that Romney is way ahead and absolutely bound to win, despite the lower probability Silver and most of the pollsters discern from their data.

PepsiCo and the shame of the bloggerati

In retrospect this was a great time where I felt important and right in the middle of things. What matters to these sad people is not truth but belief. For Immediate Release media whoi. So you do prefer politics to science? Science mistaken for politics Greenpeace was stymied again. Home On science blogs this week: Yet here was a corporation about to initiate daily conversations with thousands of readers.

But since politics and not science is your beat, then what effect do you think the billions of government money flooding into the system has?

But worst of all, because of this, ScienceBlog commenters, science journalists and bloggers everywhere missed an unprecedented opportunity. Between string theory and cosmology, the idea of an infinite landscape of possible universes became not just acceptable, but even taken for granted by a large number of physicists.

It was sponsored by PepsiCo and was to be written by their scientists. Coraghessan Boyle, conducted pool side at a Ritz Carlton somewhere in Phoenix.

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This means that even if you embraced the childish fallacy that the origin of ideas mattered to the truth of them, here the result is as pure as pure can be. Fallows suggests that this may be a deliberate strategy by professional Republicans who know perfectly well that the numbers are against them.

PepsiCo and the shame of the bloggerati

Tollefson, Broader issue, eh. Stopping was and is still the biggest disappointment of my life — so big that I may have to go back to Georgia again someday and try anew.

It looked like the four of us were telling the truth. Which will suit the Republican pros just fine. Briggs and Lord Monckton, I hope all is well. But people keep forgetting that. Yes, I wrote a voice mail system. Arkani-Hamed believes we are in the most exciting epoch of physics since quantum mechanics appeared in the s.Dec 30,  · A couple months ago David Appell accused me of being a climate criminal.

A few weeks later he claimed that he was electronically spying on me (on the same day be made a blog post condemning electronic spying.) Then in last week's rant, he accused me of being a military contractor ripping off the taxpayer on. Instead they were chased by a mob, and prominent science writers like David Dobbs and Rebecca Skloot quit their own ScienceBlogs: sharing a forum with such supposed morons was somehow beneath them.

[email protected] Twitter: @ davidappell I'm a freelance writer living in Stayton, Oregon, specializing in the physical sciences, technology, and the environment. Science writers these days, I suspect, are turned out of J-schools with little coursework in science.

They probably grew up watching Bill Nye and Kratt’s Kreatures and thought science was fun but too hard to do professionally so writing about it was the next best thing.

On science blogs this week: The Climate. Submitted by Tabitha M. Powledge on Fri, 11/02/ - David Appell points out that you then have to explain why earlier over-the-top storms happened. I guess that could mean a bright future and good news for science writers.

But one implication is that even with specialists like us, some of. Pauline Frommer's Costa Rica has 3 ratings and 2 reviews. Peter said: If you are looking for a travel guide written by the dope at the back of the classr /5.

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